Settling in and some outlook


I also managed to upgrade my bootstrap version and all of the open points mentioned in my first post are more or less resolved. The only missing thing is a way to make tags clickable so you only get to see articles matching a specific tag but as I don't expect too many people to show up here in the near future this is not very high on my priority list.

So far I really enjoy sblg as it makes me getting to know HTML and CSS and learning something new or getting to know something better is always very enjoyable to me. I even improved the experience of my website on smaller devices, <span class="md_update" title="this is no longer the case">with only one thing missing: that damn sidebar won't go away 😕.</span>

So hopefully no more distractions as I am actually in the process of cooking up a new post which might be the introduction to a new series of posts focussing on the topic of getting a deeper undestanding of one's network.