heading for a new destiny?


This means a slight change in direction, heading more for the redteam but my dayjob hopefully gives me enough blueteam and I hope and I can make a lasting impression there increasing their security stance.

But first I need some organizational stuff cleared like tax, insurance and also I need all of that greenlit by my current and future employer.

Why the change of pace? Mostly due to the experience at my current day job which has been for years now, pretty unpleasant. Also a lot of guys kept asking all those years why I didn't quit and start a business of my own. Seems like others deem me to be fit for the task.

Another piece of the puzzle has been the OSCP and virtual hacking lab and chit chat with other redteamers and it seems that I am holding myself up ok. Sure enough, I am by no means standing out of the crowd but at the very least this means I am also not standing out in a bad way.

My family also plays a part in this. I hope to be an inspiration for my brother who's lately been struggling with life. I hope to be an idol to my son showing him not to be afraid of taking matters into your own hand and hopefully laying a foundation for him.

But one step at a time. One step at a time.